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What am I doing 'now'?

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Here’s what up I’m to now1. Last updated February 2024

Spring 24: #

  • This semester I’m teaching a couple sections of calc 1
  • I have a new role as “Director of GTA Instruction” in which I coordinate the training of incoming and seasoned graduate teaching assistants. I also coordinate the weekly math department Teaching Seminar Series
  • I’m still the Secretary of the Faculty Senate (fourth year, making me the longest serving secretary)
  • I’m chair of the academic integrity policy committee (we academics love our long names)
  • I’m on the executive committee for the Senate
  • I’m on the accessibility committee for the university
  • I’m chair of the college of liberal arts and sciences non-tenure promotion review committee
  • new Because of a leadership vacuum, I’ve stepped in and am now the chair of the undergraduate research committee, putting on the Undergraduate Research and Creative Activity Forum. This is my fifth, non-consecutive year doing it. And yes, I’m pissed about the failure of previous leadership, but it’s an important opportunity for our students, so I’ve stepped up.
  • I’m on the university’s student success and persistence coalition
  • I’m a part of the Student Experience Project implementation team for Wichita State
  • and I’m joining a research group on college math instruction.
  • and I’m developing a new course for the summer!

Future: #

That is way to much stuff to continue to be sustainable. During my annual review, my chair said, “sometimes we need to say no.” With that wise advice, Fall 24 will be a time of contraction(ish).

  • I’m going to be starting a doctoral program in Educational Psychology
  • I will continue to be Director of GTA Instruction
  • I’ll continue to be an award-winning teacher (that’s the whole point of my job!)
  • I’ll stay on the student success and persistence coalition
  • and I’ll stay with the SEP implementation team, in particular because it’s a university-wide implementation of what I’m doing in my directorship in the department!
  • I’m done with the Senate. Although I’ve really benefited personally and professionally from being a part of it, in particular the wonderful executive teams I’ve had the pleasure of working with, that’s one area that if I step back, I magically have 4-5 hours per week back (which I’ll need for homework!)

  1. Inspired by Derek Sivers at via the Indie Web ↩︎