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Next step: Dr. John Hammond, EdD

In fall 2024, I will begin a doctoral program in Educational Psychology at Wichita State University. (In case you’re wondering, this is in addition to my current roles in the math department)1

Officially called the “Doctorate of Educational Leadership - Educational Psychology Track,” it’s a program that is individually tailored to the needs of the student. In particular, I will be focusing on professional development and support of novice instructors and graduate teaching assistants from their first semesters through their time at the university.

The instigation for pursuing this degree2 was, paradoxically, feeling burnt out after winning the highest teaching award on campus. I’d been working on the goal of exceptional teaching since my first day, and I finally won it! But after the elation I was left with the question: “now what?” When you’re at the top of the mountain, the only direction is down…

After a lot of soul-searching and reading, I discovered the term “paradoxical burnout.” I found articles about people in similar situations – still young enough to have long careers ahead, but feeling rudderless. And the most helpful articles pointed out that the natural next step is mentorship. Whether a leader in business or an academic, those of us who have achieved cool things have a lot of share with others. And so the next stage of my career was found.

Seeking to increase my mentorship roles, I participated in the CoMInDS workshop on college mathematics instructor development (that’s the CoMInD initialism people love) to help strenghthen our GTA development. I became a more active member there, and I found this doctoral program – one that can offer support for mentorship (explicitly having courses therein) AND pedagogy. It will give me the research-methods I need in order to not just guess what works, but measure it.

This program will benefit me personally (because I think it sounds like a lot of fun), and it’ll benefit the department as I bring everything I learn directly into the role as a teacher and Director of GTA Instruction.

I’m pretty excited!

  1. This is, among other reasons, why I’m leaving the senate. ↩︎

  2. other than the sibling rivalry of my big sister, now Dr. Sarah, beating me to a doctorate. ↩︎