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Clock for students taking a test

Jabara Hall has many issues1, one which is especially relevant at exam time is the fact that none of the electronic wall clocks in the building work.

In order that my students have the ability to see the time, I found the Mac screensaver app Fliqlo screensaver. But because I want to trigger the screensaver at the start of class, rather than waiting for it to load, I found you2 can run the following command in the terminal:

open /System/Library/CoreServices/

or more simply:

open -a ScreenSaverEngine

It’s a very simple solution.

image of my screensaver running on my laptop and external monitor

Image of the clock running in my office when I was testing it out before the exam.

  1. Oh my goodness, don’t get me started. We could talk for a while about it! ↩︎

  2. Thanks to this post on stackoverflow. ↩︎