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Save Century II... from Godzilla

I was thinking about the “Save Century II” signs, and I got to wondering what would be a funny thing to save it from… Of course I landed on my favorite city-eating reptile, Godzilla, and I realized that I needed to make this and put it on coffee bottle.

I wanted to share the files in case any other Wichitans want an ironic sticker.

Have a cricut? #

Here’s a link to the SVG and PNG image that you can make your own:

Don’t have a cricut? #

The Wichita Public Library has one you can use for free! Bring your own vinyl and you can make your own, just reserve a timeslot from the library website.

This is where I’m making my own!

Just want to buy a sticker? #

You can do that, too, via my Redbubble store.