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Mid Semester Feedback and Halfway Celebration

We’ve made it halfway through the semester! This week, in lieu of a formal agenda, we’ll relax and reflect on small wins from the first half, and goals for the second half. Additionally, we’ll discuss mid semester feedback; how we can implement it to improve our classes for the second half of the semester.

Recommendation: #

Before Spring Break, I encourage you to give your students a mid-semester feedback survey. I’ve been using a short four question survey from the Yale Poorvu Center for Teaching and Learning.1 I’ve created it as a Microsoft Form that you can easily duplicate and use for your own classes. Just click the “Duplicate” button at the top of the screen to make it yours.

Sharing past comments #

(Speaking as John Hammond) I’ve used this survey for two semesters so far (three if you count right now). Both semesters it has been very helpful for ensuring a better experience in the second half.

In Fall 2023, I had fallen into a very bad habit of being rude. My students in discrete were not reading the book or watching the videos before coming to class and so were unprepared for the class activities. Rather than trying to proactively address it, I told them what I actually thought, and it was not kind… I had multiple students that semester point out that I was being rude, and after reflection I realized it was very true. I carried a post-it on the top of each lesson (and I told them so) that said “Don’t be rude.” I also explained my frustration and suggested ways they could do the work. It made a big difference in our relationship.

I look forward to the feedback I get this semester so can can make appropriate changes to support their learning!