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End of Semester Frequently Asked Questions

Below are answers to some frequently asked questions I get after the semester is over.

What is my grade? #

I can’t talk about grades over email due to FERPA regulations. Your final letter grade is on MyWSU.

I got almost all of the question right on ___. Can I get credit? #

Sorry, no. The grading is, on the one hand, draconian because it is “all right or it’s wrong.” However, every individual learning target has the opportunity to be revisited six times(!) with each learning target appearing up to four weeks in a row and then again during the last week of classes and finals week.

Can we play chess? #

Sure! Send me a challenge on I’m jmhammond. Please also message me let me know who you are.

I have an $x$+ grade, can you round up? (here $x\in \{B, C, D\}$) #


Can I get extra credit? #

There is no extra credit - only normal credit!

How do I raise my grade? #

The semester is over and there were many, many chances to earn credit on learning targets. Your final grade is what you earned and there is no way to raise (or lower) your grade.

Can I retake learning target ___? #

The learning targets showed up four weekends in a row and then again during the last week and finals week there are no additional retakes.

You’re really into squirrels. What’s the deal with that? #

They’ve just always been my favorite animal. In fact, my wife got me a toy squirrel for our first valentine’s day back in college… It’s been a long love of squirrels!

I missed checkpoint _; can I do it now? #

No. In exchange for hard deadlines, we had opportunities to revisit the learning targets multiple times throughout the semester. This provided the flexibility of missing a checkpoint but being able to recover the material during the semester.

Are you teaching ___? #

Maybe? My Fall 2023 (current) schedule is:

  • Math 321 - Discrete Structures 1 in-person and online
    • for CS majors and secondary ed
  • Math 231 - “Discrete Mathematics”
    • it’s different than the other one.
    • it’s a new class we’re running for the fall.
  • Math 531 - History of Mathematics
    • Yes, it is as awesome as you’ve heard.